how long does vitamin c serum last

How Long Does the Face Serum with Vitamin C and Ferulic Acid Last?

An effective and best vitamin C serum is considered the most reliable skincare product for maintaining brightened, healthy and glowing skin. Known worldwide as one of the most potent natural ingredients, vitamin C incredibly helps fight against the various damaging effects of external environmental agents, mainly protecting from harmful ultraviolet sun rays.

Moreover, vitamin C is also a requirement for the regular functioning of our bodies and skin. It primarily works to counteract the numerous aging factors that come with free radical damage. Additionally, the vitamin C present in timeless vitamin C serum is mainly derived from L-ascorbic acid, one of this particular ingredient’s most potent and effective forms.

Furthermore, adding ferulic acid to your skincare routine is also great. It not only helps stabilizes the functions of vitamin C but also makes the skin less likely to irritate on the application of different products. That is why vitamin C and ferulic acid serums significantly work to enhance the stability of each other while ensuring maximum skin benefits.

Face Serum with Vitamin C and Ferulic Acid

How long does the vitamin C serum last?

Typically, when freshly manufactured, the famous 20% vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum is mostly of cloudy appearance and watery inconsistency. However, as the serum begins to age after some time, it slowly begins to appear slightly yellow in color, mainly due to the natural oxidation process occurring there. Once you notice that the serum has turned orange or brownish, it means that it is no longer the best vitamin C serum.

Nevertheless, all of us must be able to differentiate between a fresh and an expired product that is no longer functioning and effective as before. Although the vitamin C present in most skincare products naturally tends to oxidize over time and lose its efficacy, the product is still not harmful to the skin or body until its expiration date. Generally, the expiry date of timeless vitamin C serum is approximately one year from the date of its manufacturing. However, for best and safe results, we usually recommend that buyers utilize it within the initial 3-6 months of purchasing it when it is most effective and fresh.

How to increase the shelf life of vitamin C and ferulic acid serums?

The shelf life of the best vitamin C serum mainly depends on the different ingredients present in them, but indeed all serums have their own expiration dates.

In general, vitamin C in its natural form, called the L-Ascorbic acid, is naturally unstable, so its efficacy usually decreases when exposed to direct sunlight, polluted air, and varying temperatures. Moreover, vitamin C in various skin care products and serums is even more likely to oxidize due to its acidic formation. So be very careful.

Direct sunlight, heat, and harmful UV rays emitted by the Sun usually accelerate vitamin C’s degradation. Therefore, anything that anyone can do to decrease the frequent exposure of L-ascorbic acid to light, heat, and air will significantly help maintain its efficacy and potency for an extended period. In this way, one can increase the shelf life of timeless vitamin C serum by storing it in any cool and dry place such as a refrigerator.

Furthermore, the vitamin C and ferulic acid serums are specially packaged in an opaque airless pump bottle which is incredibly effective to protect the integrity of product ingredients present inside. In addition, such packaging also powerfully stops harmful contaminants, like those present in dirty water and on your unclean hands, from entering and breaking down the high concentrations of pure and natural vitamin C, the L-ascorbic acid.

long does the vitamin C serum last

How Can Anyone Get the Best Results of Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum in a Short Time?

  • When you buy any of the best vitamin C serums, try your best to look for the one that primarily includes Vitamin E + Ferulic Acid. All these three active ingredients naturally exist in the form of antioxidants that support the functionality of each other. In addition, they significantly stabilize the vitamin C performance by increasing collagen production and helping the skin fight against radical damage.
  • The timeless vitamin C serum is best used in the daytime unless anyone has Sun exposure sensitivity. People suffering from such a problem should apply it at night before bedtime.
  • It is highly recommended to avoid frequent use of potent vitamin C with some other stimulating ingredients to minimize skin inflammation and irritation as soon as possible.
  • Always moisturize and hydrate your skin following the application of the best vitamin C serums to achieve the desired results.

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