Hyaluronic Acid Safe for Pregnant Ladies

Is Hyaluronic Acid Safe to Apply When Pregnant?

Undoubtedly, topical acids like Hyaluronic acid have been a tremendous addition to the global skincare market. They offer many targeted benefits that mainly address three of the most common skin concerns:

  • acne
  • aging signs
  • hyperpigmentation

However, when it comes to considering: Is hyaluronic acid safe to apply when pregnant? One should be extremely careful. Some chemicals in HA skincare products usually have regular skin cell turnover. Ultimately, having a significant impact on the fetus growing inside the mother’s body.

Is Hyaluronic Acid Safe for Pregnant Ladies?

Are you an expectant mom, or are you planning to get pregnant? If yes, you would probably be becoming very careful about what to consume and what to apply to your skin. Therefore, checking the precise list of ingredient labels on different skincare products has likely become the second nature of most pregnant ladies. Especially as the well-being of their coming baby is at the forefront at all times in their minds.

Nowadays, one most commonly used skincare ingredient most pregnant ladies are unsure of is Hyaluronic acid. It is a natural humectant added to many formulae to help retain moisture and protect the skin from harmful environmental factors. But is it safe to use hyaluronic acid while pregnancy, or is it something to avoid completely?

Read the article below to look at the sustainability and safety of using hyaluronic acid serum in Pakistan, especially for you and your growing bump.

hyaluronic acid while pregnancy

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid, also abbreviated as HA, is an exceptional skin hydrating and moisturizing ingredient. It is somehow found naturally in our bodies, but its production diminishes as we age. Therefore, using products containing it are great for anti-aging skincare. HA is best to be used in the form of a serum, right after cleaning and just before applying a sealing moisturizer. Hyaluronic acid naturally absorbs, binds, and retains 1000 times its weight in water, ultimately leaving your skin plumped and hydrated. Fortunately, there are many brands like Timeless and stores offering the best hyaluronic acid serum in Pakistan. Most of them are usually safe to use in pregnancy.

Has FDA Declared Hyaluronic Acid a Safe Skincare Product?

Yes, FDA has approved HA for topical and oral use in various supplements and timeless skincare products. HA is often used in eye surgeries like corneal transplants and cataract removal. In addition, sometimes, a few doctors also use it as a lip filler in various plastic surgery procedures.

Hyaluronic acid is often sourced from rooster combs. But at Timeless, our pure hyaluronic acid serum in Pakistan is entirely vegan and safe as it comes directly from bacteria harvested in laboratories. Therefore, our HA best serum for glowing skin are perfectly natural, secure, and effective for almost all people who have tired, sagging, or aging skin.

However, as a prime precaution, pregnant or breastfeeding women should initially consult their concerned doctors before applying any skincare ingredient like hyaluronic acid.

Now you might be wondering what about the topical application of hyaluronic acid while pregnancy or breastfeeding? There is no conclusive research done on the topical effects of HA on the skin while these special life stages. You will get different suggestions and answers from various individuals regarding it. However, it is best to ask a reliable skin specialist or your concerned doctor before using HA.

Hyaluronic Acid Skin Care Checklist

When it comes two most important periods of a women’s life: pregnancy and breastfeeding, they are likely to make several adjustments to make them healthier and stronger for their babies. One crucial thing that necessarily changes is a skincare routine, though.

However, it becomes confusing during these periods what ingredients are safe to use and which ones to avoid. Here are two essential tips and tricks to help determine what is right for you:

best hyaluronic acid serum

Make a precise list of your desired and currently using skincare products like Vitamin C Serums and Timeless hyaluronic acid serums in Pakistan. Let them be overlooked by your concerned OB-GYN doctor, skin specialist, or a primary care physician.

Secondly, thoroughly read all the ingredients mentioned in your skincare products and check if you think anyone of them is not suitable for you.
Nothing is more valuable than the piece of advice taken from your concerned healthcare professional. What might work for other pregnant or breastfeeding ladies may not necessarily be the best for you. So always be very careful.

Is Hyaluronic Acid Safe to Apply When Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

While there has been no official research on it. Still, many skincare experts believe that hyaluronic acid is completely safe for almost all people as t is naturally occurring in our bodies anyway.

However, using hyaluronic acid while pregnancy and breastfeeding is actually what matters a lot. While the answer for topical HA application is that: Yes, it is entirely safe to use hyaluronic acid during pregnancy”. However, you should avoid taking hyaluronic acid orally or in the form of injectable acid fillers.

Nevertheless, you can utilize all topical acids, including hyaluronic acid, to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized during pregnancy. Keep in mind to check the other ingredients list on your skincare product before applying.

And remember that every individual has different skin. Not every product suit everyone equally. So, to avoid any complications or side effects, always first consult your concerned OB-GYN. Especially adding any skincare product in your regimen while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Key Takeaways

When in doubt, ask a skincare expert. Your first and foremost priority while pregnant or breastfeeding is doing what is best for your baby. Your skin may go crazy with frequent breakouts and become oily than usual during these periods. But don’t worry, that is absolutely normal. Everything comes along with the beauty of having a baby by the Grace of God.

Try your best to keep your skincare routine as simple as possible. You may include using hyaluronic acid vitamin c serum as their physical application is completely safe. However, always check the ingredients list other than HA mentioned on your skincare product before use. If you find something isn’t working well for you, find suitable alternatives or consult your concerned OB-GYN immediately. Never compromise anything, even for a short time, as it is a matter of your and your baby’s health.

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