Vitamin c serum role to recover skin

Vitamin c serum role to recover skin damage

Throughout life, our skin is subjected to many challenges that affect its structure, functionality and appearance. Normal skin contains a high concentration of vitamin C, but the level of vitamin C decreases in damaged and aged skin. Due to the low level of vitamin C in the epidermis, it is more susceptible to oxidative stress and the harmful effects of UV rays.

What is a face serum?

Face serums are light liquids or gels based on oil or water. They contain concentrations of ingredients that deeply hydrate and nourish the skin and are easily absorbed.

The concept behind face serums is that larger amounts of active molecules will potentially penetrate the skin's surface for optimal effectiveness. Also, because of the higher concentration, it usually takes less time to see visible results.

Many people wonder why they can't just use a moisturizer instead of a serum. Although there is no hard and fast rule, it is suggested to use both.

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The role of vitamin C Serum in skin care

Vitamin C is touted as one of the best anti-aging ingredients on the market - and the key to maintaining a smooth, even and glowing complexion.

A powerful skin care ingredient, vitamin C has always been a big part of our skin care routine, and when it comes to incorporating it into our daily routine, nothing works better than a vitamin C serum. It not only brightens the skin, but also helps maintain glowing skin and even skin tone and at the same time smooths fine wrinkles.

Vitamin C is necessary for strengthening the body. Doctors constantly urge us to consume it with food in sufficient quantities. There is never enough of it in the body, and on the other hand, a lack of vitamin C is felt. In addition to being good for the body, vitamin C has a positive effect when applied directly to the skin.

role of vitamin C Serum in skin care

First of all, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals, helping your skin's natural regeneration process, which helps the body repair damaged skin cells.

Keep reading to find out why you should add a vitamin C serum to your routine.

Benefits of vitamin C serum

There are many benefits of using vitamin C Serum on our skin. They include:


According to a 2017 review of research, most healthy skin and organs contain high concentrations of vitamin C, suggesting that vitamin C accumulates in the body from the circulation.

Magnesium Ascorbyl phosphate, another vitamin C derivative used in skin care, has been shown to have a moisturizing effect on the skin. It reduces Trans epidermal water loss (TEWL), allowing your skin to retain moisture better.

It helps reduce redness and even out skin tone

Vitamin C has been shown to act as an anti-inflammatory agent through its antioxidant capacity. This means that it will calm your skin and reduce its swelling.

The anti-inflammatory action of vitamin C can help:

  • neutralize free radicals that cause oxidative damage
  • optimize the immune system to prevent an inflammatory immune response

The anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin C can also help reduce redness, which in turn can even out the complexion and ultimately make your skin tone clear and smooth.

It promotes collagen production

Vitamin C is well known for increasing collagen production through the process of collagen synthesis. In fact, collagen synthesis cannot occur without vitamin C.

This is because vitamin C is an essential cofactor for two enzymes required for collagen synthesis:

  • prolyl hydroxylase, which stabilizes the collagen molecule
  • lysyl hydroxylase, which provides structural strength

Helps fade hyperpigmentation

Because it interferes with melanin production, vitamin C serum can actually fade hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation - including sun spots, age spots and melasma - occurs when melanin is overproduced in certain areas of the skin. It can also occur in areas where acne has healed.

Vitamin C inhibits melanin synthesis by reducing the activity of an enzyme known as Tyrosinase. In dermatology, it is widely used for depigmentation of hyperpigmented spots on the skin.

Protects against sun damage

Excessive exposure to oxidative stress via pollutants or UV radiation is associated with reduced levels of vitamin C in the skin. Vitamin C levels are also lower in older or photo damaged skin, although researchers aren't sure if this is a cause or an effect.

Sun damage is caused by molecules called free radicals. These are atoms with a missing electron. Free radicals look for other atoms from which they can "steal" an electron - and this can lead to significant damage to the skin.

Vitamin C is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants protect healthy skin cells by "giving" these free radicals an electron, making them harmless.

Benefits of vitamin C serum

Best Vitamin C serum in Pakistan

Best vitamin C Serum in Pakistan is a renewing face serum with a high concentration of pure and stable vitamin C in the oil phase. It works by maintaining a radiant complexion and an even skin tone, while at the same time smoothing fine lines.

The combination of vitamin C derivatives, Squalane oil, rosehip oil, vitamin E, bisabolol, coenzyme Q10 and Hyaluronic Acid successfully protect the skin from external factors, maintain an even and shiny complexion, and have a positive effect on scars, dry and rough skin. 

The serum is not a substitute for a moisturizer during the day or a night cream during the night.

Timeless Face Serum is usually applied once or twice a day. The rule is to clean, tone and mix 1-2 drops of serum with the usual amount of moisturizing cream and apply to the face.

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