time for a Skin Care

Spring is here, time for a Skin Care Update

March is the month of renewal because winter is ending, and the days are getting longer and brighter. It's a great time to reset your diet, organize your wardrobe, and switch up your skincare routine.

Even though heavy comfort food is delicious. However, eating more spring and summer fruits, salads, and smoothies is a great way to wake up your digestive system and speed up your metabolism.

Put off a heavy winter coat and wear a t-shirt or a pretty pastel blouse instead. And take a quick look at the things you use to care for your skin. It's time to clean up, put away those heavy foundations and moisturizers, and think about how the season change might affect your skin.

During the winter, biting winds and colder air temperatures can dry out your face and make it hard to keep that rosy glow. However, the humidity level also increases as the air temperature rises, which can wreak havoc on your skin.

what are the best ways to protect your skin when the environment changes?

best ways to protect your skin

Review skin care product

Look at the products you're using now and make a note of any facial cleansers or scrubs that are too harsh and could be removing your natural oils. Whether your skin is naturally oily or dry, you want to maintain a healthy skin barrier.

Switch to a gel cleanser if you have been using a milky or creamy one, and a water-based moisturizer if you've been using either.

Switch up your moisture masks with a light facial oil like Squalane, one of the best moisturizers for dry skin at night. When it comes to good skin care, water is always essential.

Bring back the toner

When the weather gets warmer, adding a toner to your routine can help balance out your combination skin and eliminate any leftover dirt after you wash your face. In a nutshell, a toner is excellent for helping to balance your skin's PH. Furthermore, it also shrinks pores to stop pollutants from getting into the skin and remove dead skin cells.

With warmer weather comes more sebum, sweat, and dirt because people spend more time outside. To avoid clogged pores, use a clarifying toner twice daily to eliminate dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and leftover makeup. A well-made toner will both nourish and smooth your skin, and it will also help your targeted serums work even better.

Use a serum

You can get all the moisture you need by layering lighter products like serums. Serums are the best way to treat specific skin problems.

Use anti-inflammatory products, like "The Calmer" from Timeless Vitamin B5, to help stop oily breakouts. This light, oil-free serum calms blemishes, scars, and redness and helps them heal. Layer with "The Essential," a lighter version of our 20% Vitamin C serum, but without the Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid.  The Hyaluronic Acid with Vitamin C serum is a go-to for brightening, protecting, and clarifying the skin while making it firmer.

Vitamin c serum

Hydrate yourself

Isn't it true that drinking more water is at the heart of every diet exercise, or beauty routine is simply drinking more water? Since it has so many health benefits, of course. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, that protects from harsh environments and it needs water to function. Drinking water can help prevent dry, flaky skin.

Protect your skin

Check the date on your moisturizer with SPF to ensure it's still good. If you expose your face directly to the sun, remember to put on more SPF.

UV protection is essential all year, but it's even more critical when the weather gets warmer, and you spend more time outside. Also, when the weather is still mild in the spring, it's easy to think you aren't getting much UV radiation. Make sure that your daily routine includes SPF protection to stop the sun from making you age faster.

After a long, hard winter, treat yourself to a bouquet of fresh spring flowers, plant a garden, and soak up some natural Vitamin D. You deserve it.

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